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Thursday, March 17, 2011

SwimOutlet.com & Garrett Weber-Gale's Nutrition for Performance Series (part 3 )

Even though this is focused on swimming, the information is equally applicable to running. Tried and true nothing new, right? We don't make big changes in our gear right before a race, so why would we in our diet? Garrett makes some really good points.

I make a similar steak, but I use a cast iron pan. Get that cast iron skillet hot. Really hot. It works better to start with a room temperature steak. Salt a little on each side with kosher salt. Throw that steak in the pan and leave it alone for 4 minutes. Don't touch it. No matter what it does. Then flip it. Once again, don't touch for 4 minutes. Then, pull the steak and the pan is ready for deglazing if you like to make a sauce. You will end up with a nice, medium, tasty steak. I use a lean cut of beef, venison or buffalo (bison). I usually use a 1 inch thick steak. Thicker or thinner cuts will require adjustment of the cooking time. Serve with your favorite sides. For me that would be a salad and a baked sweet potato.

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