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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update for this rainy Wednesday.  Tuesday I rested.  Just did some stretching, rolling and worked on VMO and glute strengthening.  Today I'm planning to hit the gym for some elliptical and stationary bike.

The knees are feeling much better.  I'm half tempted to try running to see what they will give me.  I won't though.  I want to make sure to let things fully heal before trying to run.  I have a half marathon at the end of August to prepare for and I don't want to be fighting this all summer.  Better to rest the knees for a week or so now than several weeks later.

The plan is to start back to running next week.  I'll start off with several short, easy runs to see how things are going before doing anything else.

The thought of trying minimalist shoes has been running through my mind.  What do you all use and like?  I've been looking at Nike Free,  NB MT101, and Vibram Five Fingers.  What else should I be looking at?  Any points to ponder when/if I try out minimalist shoes?

I'm going back to working and stalking all of your awesome blogs.  Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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Michelle said...

I have been thinking about it too...!