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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Back to a Normal Schedule

This afternoon I ran 5 miles on my local trails.  It was sunny and 75.  Spring is definitely here.  Hopefully we are done with snow until next November.  I took a bunch of pics and will post them sometime this coming week.

With today's run I feel like I'm getting back to a normal running schedule.  This past week I logged about 13 miles and in the coming week I expect to log about 15-20 miles.  My plan for now is to run based on time rather than distance.  As long as I can work my long trail runs up to 2 hours on my feet I should be golden for my half at the end of August.  Also, I will try to minimize any back-to-back runs for now.  If there are any, the 2nd day will be short.

Random thought:  Now that the temps are warming up I have less desire for pizza and buffets and more desire for salad.  Weird.  I think I could live on pizza, cheeseburgers and buffets if I was allowed to.  Of course, I probably wouldn't live very long if I did that.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Welcome "back"...I just ordered a pizza. YUM!

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Just do what I do.. Put so much stuff on your pizza that its basically a baked salad! :)

Ive often heard of people who say to run for time rather than distance.. I like this whole idea but I still think of distance too.. For instance .. I want to run for X amount of time, but I want to get in at least X miles during then. So my question to you.. Are you still going to plan for some distance during those timed runs?

Jen said...

Welcome back! I'll look forward to the pictures of your trails. I checked out the most promising of trails near my house this weekend. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I'll have to venture further away to find a nice trail. The park trail I run is very nice, but short and only a short portion of that is through the woods, so I end up doing laps. Better than the street, but I'd like to venture more. Pizza is my kryptonite. I consume it, but only in controlled circumstances. ;)

Michael Smith said...

@Michelle - Mmmm... Pizza

@Courtney - I will address the time vs. distance thing later today. Good question.

@Jen - Sometimes trails are where we find them. I like to think of the sidewalks I explore in my neighborhood as "urban trails". Sure they are made of concrete, but there is still plenty of adventure to be found.