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Monday, May 16, 2011

Easing back into a routine

Tonight I started easing back into a running routine.  30 minutes easy.  I will rinse and repeat a few more times this week.  I'll also mix in some XT with the bike/elliptical.

Tonight I thought about what do I think about while I run due to a question someone recently asked on the Runners World message boards.  Well, what did I think about tonight?  I thought about how pretty the sunset was.  I thought very hard about keeping my cadence up so I wouldn't heel strike.  I could really tell when my mind would wander and I'd get lazy and start to heel strike.  I could feel it in my knees.

I thought about how hill training is a part of every workout I do.  It's unavoidable.  If I walk out my front door I go downhill.  To get home I have to go uphill.  That experience really helps in races.  I can't avoid hills so I've made peace with them and try to use them to my best advantage.

I thought about how if I can do 30 minutes tonight, then tomorrow I could crank it up to 45 minutes.  Then I thought that would be really dumb.  I'm trying to ease back into a routine, not get hurt again.  In fact tomorrow a bike ride and/or some elliptical time would be far more helpful.

Is there an aspect of running that you really dislike but you've embraced because it makes you a better runner?

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Jen said...

I'm trying to embrace pushing myself (pace) on one workout a week. I don't like it, and the mental aspet of it is not good, but I can already tell I'm getting better. I spend a lot of time looking at my Garmin for distance or time left and saying, "suck it up cupcake".