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Friday, April 22, 2011

It's All in the Timing

Tonight I ran for time instead of distance.  For me, it's easier to keep to an easy pace when I do that.  I know I'm going to go for x number of minutes and that's it.  I'm not focused on making it to some arbitrary mileage figure.  I think sometimes I get so wrapped up in running a certain number of miles or at a certain pace, that I forget to just go out and run.  Eliminating the distance variable helps me get back to just running.

Breakfast tomorrow will be crock pot steel cut oats.  They are super easy to make and we get to wake up to nice, hot steel cut oats in the morning.  No muss, no fuss.  Just make the coffee and sit down to breakfast.  See part 2 of Alton Brown's Oat Cuisine episode that I posted a few days ago for his recipe for crock pot oats.  About the only thing I do different is I don't use any milk.  Just water.

My plan was to write up this blog post and then lay here on the couch watching a Red Green movie, but I'm beat.  A bit of a nap might be in order.  Although, I am listening to CBC Jazz radio right at the moment and I'm really liking the mix of some classic jazz works.  I could just sit here and enjoy some good jazz for a bit.

Do you run for time, distance or both?  How do you mix up your routine to keep it fresh?


Michelle said...

Great idea Mike! I have run based on time but it has been a long time. One thing I do on occasion is run without music. That helps me focus on form, etc.

Jen said...

Of late, I've been consistently running for distance, but I do mix it up with where I go or pacing. I'm trying to learn pacing consistency, and doing a poor job of it, but it'll get better. I mix it up with audio books, no music, different music. Depends on where I am for that. On the TM, I'll do intervals of speed or hills to keep it interesting... or watch a movie.