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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Trail Running Is Better Than Road Running

How trail running is better than road running, presented by the editors of Trail Runner magazine.

Thought some of you might enjoy the article linked above.  I have nothing against road running.  I run roads whenever I can't get out to the trails due to time constraints or weather.  I run in road races and find them to be great fun.  I do really enjoy trails though.  Given a choice, I will choose to run a trail over the road every time.

How about you?  Trails or roads?  Both?


tahoegirl said...

I do more road running right now but have done a few trails in the past. Trail running here = hills so I have to plan accordingly. I should really incorporate more trails. Do you wear trail shoes?

Michael Smith said...

I sometimes wear trail shoes. I have a pair of Nike Air Peg 27 Trail shoes that I used for winter running that I also wear in the woods. Sometimes I just wear my road shoes though. The trails in this part of Michigan aren't really that technical so I don't think trail shoes are strictly necessary. The extra traction of the trails shoes definitely helps when there is lots of snow and ice on the trail or road.

Jen said...


I just discovered trails, but am already researching and learning more, so I can incorporate them into my life more. I usually am on the roads and will choose that over the TM whenever I can. No matter how grateful I am for the TM and how much consistency it offers with my hectic schedule... outside miles beats TM miles any day of the week.

Christopher Mills said...

It's all about the trails for me. I do about 2 runs a week on the road; mostly short ones for tempo or intervals. But if I wasn't training, I would stick to the trails.