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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week in Review, 11/7-11/13

Looking Back
This completes my 2nd week in my build towards 40 mpw.  So far, so good.  This week I also incorporated my first official speed workout on Thursday.  Through the winter at least Thursday will be my speedwork day.  I run it on the road due to time constraints so it seems like a good way to put all that straight, flat stuff to use.  This past week also marked my first snow runs of the season on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  It was kind of neat to be running in the snow with my ball of light from my headlamp full of snowflakes.  However, in the back of my mind I also knew that I was going to be dealing with this until next April.  This fall has been warm and dry so I really can't complain.  I'm hoping winter is a bit on the warm side as well.

Looking Forward
Next week is another increase in mileage from 30 to 32 mpw.  Then Thanksgiving week will be a cutback week.  I wrote my plan with cutbacks to correspond with the holidays.  Might as well take it easy at those times.  Sometime in the near future my wife and I will make use of the personal trainer at our Y to help us with some core strengthening routines.  I know that's something I need to improve on for 2012.

This week I learned first hand to never spit into the wind.  Eww.  I think that might be a good running rule.

How'd your week go?  Anything in particular to look back on?  What are you looking forward to?


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Oh my...spitting in the wind. Not a fun lesson to learn! Whenever I can I plan to make holidays my cutback weeks. Makes sense to me!

Jen said...

Looking back: Had a tough 10 mile run today, mentally and physically. I don't really know why, but so glad I did it anyway. All but one run was a chore this week.

Looking ahead: I'm starting to work on my plan for the coming months for my mileage. I'm excited about that. I'm also thrilled this is the last week of this set of classes.

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

I cant imagine dealing with snow already. Do you guys have pretty mild summers?
Have fun with the increase!! Im working on increasing my miles.. Enough talk! Its time for action! Looking back on the past week Im super proud of myself for getting a long run in.. Im thinking of going a few miles tomorrow and attempting a long run Wednesday or maybe even tomorrow.. All about schedule and the weather. :)

Ive had to re-learn the spitting in the wind lesson a few times.. One time my dumb butt didnt even spit. I dont know what happened I "tried" to spit but it didnt happen and just went all on my face. It was definitely as gross as it sounds

Michael Smith (Will Run for Food) said...

@Khourt - Summer is here is pretty mild I suppose. Normal highs are 75-85. Good luck with your mileage build!

@Jen - I bet once the classes are over the runs will get easier. I find the runs get tougher during the more stressful times.

@Vanessa - Yep, no fun at all.

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Oh wow! Thats a very "low" high for what we get here. I would say Id like to live there, but I dont know if Id like the winters :/