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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lacing my Shoes Wrong?

All my life I've had a little heel slip in my shoes.  It seems like the first area to wear out would be the inside of the heel.  I figured it was just the way my feet were shaped and didn't think much about it.  Until now.  It appears I've been lacing my shoes wrong, which allowed my heels to slip.

Check this out:  http://www.newbalance.com/lacing-guide/

There are several different lacing methods given to deal with many different fit issues.  For me, I just needed to create a lace lock.  I tried it out last night and what do you know?  Heel slip was greatly reduced.

Ran 4.5 miles last night, about 6 planned for tonight.  Wet, dark and cold weather.  Very typical November weather for my part of the world.  Tonight the rain may turn over to snow while I'm out there.  I'm not particularly concerned about it.  It will be my first snow run of the season if it happens.


Jen said...

Huh. I knew lacing was an issue, but hadn't really considered it much. Must try out some of this new information! Thanks.

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

A while ago I came across something (perhaps from the Runners World forums) about how to properly tie a shoe... I didnt realize people tied them differently. I thought there was only one way to do it.. thankfully my way was the "proper" way..

This guide is pretty darn neat though. My shoes are laced as in the heel slip, but without the lace lock.. I might try this too! But I wonder if the one near the bottom for a wide forefoot and narrow heel would work with the lace lock..

Erin said...

i suppose it makes sense...there are differnet ways to tie an ice skate too. if i can keep up myself for more than a month i might invest in some decent shoes rather than my basic sneakers i have been running in.