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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Recap

It's that time again.  Time to look back over the last week and assess what went well and what didn't.

Tuesday - 6.2 miles.  Weather was not a factor.  It was clear and cool.  I was feeling kind of blah.  Just chalked it up to being busy at work and being kind of tired.
Wednesday - 4.5 miles.  Visited my winter route to see how it's looking.  It looked weird without snow.  The humidity was starting to move back in.  Best way to describe it was cool and clammy.  A bat flew within a few feet of me.  That was pretty cool.  Still feeling kind of blah.
Thursday - 5.9 miles.  It got darker sooner than I was expecting and I hadn't brought my headlamp with me.  I ended up sticking to lighted areas and guessing on the turnaround.  I came close to my goal of 6 miles, so my guess wasn't bad.  Felt much better than the last couple of nights.
Friday - Resting
Saturday - Got up early (for me) and hit my regular forest single track trail for 10.1 miles.  No boring flat spots.  It's all up and down.  Lots of deer flies.  Saw a couple of cyclists on the trails and for the first time ever, another runner.  There were a lot of deer tracks in the trail but I didn't see any.  The tracks looked pretty fresh.  I think they probably heard me coming long before I got there and they hid in the underbrush.  I was shooting for an overall pace of about 13:00 minutes per mile.  I ended up with 12:40.  I'm really happy with that.  If I am that fast in my trail half marathon, I'll be ecstatic.
Sunday - Just a few easy miles to stay loose. Kind of warm and muggy.

Ended up with 30.7 miles for the week and 135.9 miles for the month of July.  The monthly total ties my previous monthly best set in March, 2011.  August should end up around 110-115 as there will be a taper week in there.

It's only about 4 weeks until my trail half marathon.  Yikes!  For the next two weeks I'm planning to continue doing my long run on the forest single track.  Time on my feet on the trail is what I'm after.  I also need to be a little more disciplined about stretching and rolling regularly over these next few weeks.  Some of the blah feeling this past week was due to the fact that was really stiff after sitting all day at work.  I just couldn't seem to get loose.  I need to be more intentional about working on flexibility.

The garden is really starting to produce.  The cucumbers are continuing hot and heavy.  We are getting some new potatoes, string beans, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, and broccoli.  Our peas are done for the year.  Who needs pizza and buffets right now?  There's plenty coming out of my own back yard.

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Michelle said...

Awesome job this month!