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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week in Review

This week I went 29.9 miles, did my third 10 miler ever and 2nd one in two weeks.  Had I known where I was at week to date mileage-wise, I would have added .1 miles to my run this evening.  Oh well.  Stuff happens, eh?  The good thing is that other than sweating a lot and working on hydration issues, the mid-summer heat isn't bothering me that much.  I just keep thinking about how cold those January and February runs were.

This coming week the plan will be the same as this past week.  I'm thinking two more weeks of a 10 mile long run and 30 miles for the week.  Then I'm either going to bump the miles or add more hill work.  I'm leaning towards the hill work as I will need to be strong on the hills for my trail half marathon.

We're in the time of year when pizza and buffets just don't sound as good as fresh fruits and veggies.  Still, my wife had me try a chicken bacon ranch pizza this week.  Yum!  I liked it.  Even though it wasn't traditional, I still enjoyed it a ton.  Thank you honey for the suggestion and for broadening my world!

What are your training plans for the week?  Stepping up the miles?  Adding speed or hills?  Cutback week?


Michelle said...

Great week! I agree that the fresh fruits & veggies are more appealing these days. AFM - bad week of running for me. Need to step it up in the coming weeks as the countdown to Chicago RnR begins!

Jen said...

Great weekly plan there! I was on vacation, mileage was deliberately light. I start my half training in a couple of weeks, so I'm just maintaining a light load so I go into the 12 week plan fresh and ready.