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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Running With the Fireflies

Last night's run turned into an adventure.  In a good way.  The first 4 miles or so it was just me, the crickets and the fireflies.  Lots of 'em.  They were everywhere.  It was a really cool experience to have that many fireflies blinking away as I ran by.  One meadow looked like it had Christmas lights strung through it because of all the flashing.

At one point I treed a raccoon.  All I could see was his eyes glowing back at me in my headlamp and the unmistakable tail silhouette.  As I got closer it climbed higher in the tree.  No growling at me thank goodness.  Those raccoons are not the nicest critters.

Later my headlamp revealed a skunk crossing the path in front of me.  I slowed down and gave it lots of room.  The last think I wanted was to get sprayed.  The little guy (gal?) slunk off into the underbrush and disappeared.  Whew.

Then came the last two miles.  All the fireflies suddenly disappeared.  What?!  Then the lightning started.  Oh great.  Nothing gets your feet moving like lightning.  I turned an easy run into a tempo run and made a beeline for home.  Just as I got home the sky opened up and it started to pour and thunder.  Wow.  That was close.  I don't mind rain, but lightning makes me nervous.

Have you had any running adventures lately?  Have a great day!

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ATTrio said...

Wow, running with fireflies sounds very cool. There aren't many of those out here in Colorado but when I was at home in Minnesota last week they were EVERYWHERE. It was pretty awesome.

Avoiding Lighting at all costs is a good idea, but sounds like a fun run regardless =)