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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Trail Tour - Vasa Pathway

Today I started my fall trail tour.  The idea is to do my weekly long runs on trails that are new to me.  I came up with this as a sort of non-competitive fall event.  It seems like a good way to motivate me to get out of the house without registering for a race.

The Vasa Pathway is near Traverse City, MI.  It's a mish-mash of old logging roads.  In the winter the trails are used for cross country skiing.  In the summer the trails are used for biking, hiking and running.  The trail itself is mostly sand with some areas of gravel or packed dirt.  Since it's made up of old logging roads it's mostly two track and wide enough for passing anywhere.

The weather was sunny and 67 degrees with a pretty good breeze blowing.  I couldn't tell from which direction.  Down in the trees it was swirling a lot.  I ended up running 12.4 miles (2 laps of the 10K loop).  There were a few respectable hills.  I only ended up walking up one of them on the 2nd lap.  It was a climb that just went on and on.

I took some pics today.  Hope you enjoy them:

The trail map

Decisions, decisions...hmmmm

The hill in the distance is bigger than it looks.  Whew!

Lots of blind curves like this.  Had to keep a sharp eye out for cyclists.
In the middle of the endless climb.  The picture doesn't show the steepness very well.  It just went on and on.

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