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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Boxscore Edition

Looking back at my 2011 running boxscore:

  • 2011 was my first full calendar year as a runner
  • Ran 1,280.3 miles
  • Best month was December with 158.8 miles
  • Worst month was May with 56 miles
  • Average miles per month was 106.7
  • Races completed:  4 road 5K's; 1 trail 5 mile; 1 trail half marathon; 1 road half marathon.
  • Coldest run was 2/8/11 at -7F air temp.  I didn't record the wind chill that night.
  • Warmest run was 6/8/11 at 84F air temp.  Wind chill was not a factor ;-)
  • Shoe mileage:
    • Nike Air Peg Trail - 491 miles (494 total miles), most likely retired due to excessive wear in the heel area
    • Asics Cumulus 12 - pair a - 528 miles, still going strong
    • Asics Cumulus 12 - pair b - 179 miles
    • New Balance 876 - 82 miles, took the Nike Air Peg's place


Michelle said...

Great job Mike on a super year!!!

Mallory said...

Great year Mike! Can't wait to see what next year holds for you!

ShariH said...

Great job!

dahliaruns said...

Great job!

I noticed that our stats are very similar. Our best and worst months are really close to being the same, and our yearly mileage isn't too far apart either. I record shoe mileage but I did not keep a record of the weather.

Happy New Year! I'm sure 2012 will be amazing for both of us!

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...


DRTYrunnergirlSTACEY said...

I see you are a numbers man! Good year of running!

Jen said...

Very nice numbers!! I did the same with my log. Hmm... I may have to add in weather as a column... ;)

Props to you for running in the cold like a boss!

Brian said...

Nice blog...

Love PIZZA, the name sold me!

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