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Friday, December 23, 2011

Foodie Friday

It's Friday.  There's a holiday coming up, so I decided to just have a little fun today.  This is marginally running related as I am highlighting my favorite post-race foods.

First up:  Pizza.  Chicago style or New York?  Chicago for me.

Absolutely perfect to induce a nice post-race coma on the couch :-)

Next up:  Wings.  How do you like yours?  Hot, mild, bbq?  Mild for me with a side of bleu cheese dressing.

Not exactly coma inducing, but definitely hits the spot after a hard race.

Last, but not least:  Pancakes.  What's your favorite toppings?  Mine are bananas, pecans, walnuts, peanut butter, strawberry jam, blueberries, chocolate chips and/or real maple syrup.  Not all at once, but some combination of the above.

What's your favorite post-race refueling choice?  Feel free to share in the comments.


Rose (Hacker Half Marathon) said...

Mine is definitely pizza. I'm a New York fan though. In fact, pizza is my fav pre-race meal and what I crave post-race.

Pancakes are delicious, but I don't like them around running, they're more like a laze Saturday morning breakfast.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Oh wow - that pizza is massive! I always have thin pizza - I guess NY style? That is insane!

RunJunkee said...

Deep dish spinach & garlic pizza with a nice rye ale beer for me

runner61 said...

have a little pizza place down the street, they make you bake, likke mine with cheese and thin.

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Is it possible to drool any more at that food?!?!

My fav post-race fuel isnt really the best - Chili cheese fries or a deep fried burrito with chili and cheese . Delicious! And probably adds way more calories than what running burned